Be Part of the Social Business Future

Be part of the Social Business FutureA few years ago, most business leaders considered “social media” to be a somewhat unwelcome distraction and “social business” a concept that seemed hard to grasp. Not all that long ago, a business leader asked me, “Isn’t social business just a fancy way of saying you like to waste time on Facebook and consider it work?” Well, no — it’s so much more than that!

Today, our team at Faucet group sees massive opportunities for businesses that embrace social and incorporate it into regular business activities. With 85 percent of Amercicans online and 67 percent of them actively using social networks, the case for connecting with customers, business partners and employees socially is compelling. And when you dig deeper into the data the movement toward social goes from someday to now – urgently!

Having the drive to move toward social is not enough. It takes time, resources and effort. Even then, challenges remain. It’s all so new, and there’s so much noise. Business leaders ask us: “What’s real and what’s BS?” “What should we need to do?” “How much is this going to cost us?” “What’s our return on investment?”

The 2013 Social Business Future program “Charting the Social Business Future” is designed to help executive leaders and the marketing team that helps drive growth for the business explore myths and realities of social media and discover the real value of social media — sharing your content — the substance of your business — in the open marketplace. The program will help you discover your profitable path forward with social business.

You can review the agenda for the 2013 program here and register by clicking here.

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